Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses we have got you covered


Being independent means we have access to all contact lens suppliers. We study your eye health, your prescription, and your needs, to advise which lenses are best suited to you. We can supply lenses from all major brands including Acuvue, Cooper Vision and Alcon, as well as more specialist lenses, such as from Mark Envoy and No. 7.


We also offer myopia control contact lens treatment. This is a method used to slow down myopia or short-sightedness in children. The results show up to a 60% reduction of progression of myopia. Call us to find out more.


At Walbank Opticians we are proud to offer value for money on our contact lenses. In fact, many of our patients are surprised to learn our costs are comparable to online companies. However, unlike them, we will also provide the aftercare and service that your eyes deserve for optimum eye health and vision. Give us a try for your contact lenses and see the difference for yourself.


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We can now recycle your contact lenses and packaging. Collect them in a box or container and drop them to us at your convenience.



Contact lens fittings £45
(unlimited appointments until we find the right lenses for you)

Contact lens aftercare £45

Contact lens plan via monthly payment
(various depending on lens type)

Unlimited eye exams and contact lens appointments

10% of all dry eye products and solutions

25% off spectacles



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