Dry Eye


Is it time to finally ease your dry eye symptoms for the long-term, whilst also treating the underlying cause?

Eye-Light Dry Eye Treatment


A dry eye treatment, designed to have long-term benefits! If you suffer with dry eye syndrome/disease, we know how you feel. Staff at Walbank Opticians suffer too and we understand the frustration and daily challenges of uncomfortable, sore and tired eyes as well as continuous use of drops, masks and lid cleaning. There is a better solution and we are the first Opticians in the Waterside and Southampton areas to introduce brand new technology; the Eye-Light. If you are ready for long-lasting relief from dry eyes, then keep reading.

Struggling with Dry Eye?

You are not alone. Over 344 million people worldwide suffer with this challenging condition...


You know that it is a constant battle and feel massive frustration with irritated, dry, and sore eyes. This has a direct impact on daily tasks such as driving, reading and outdoors activities, making them far more difficult and unpleasant.


Here in our practice, we have certainly found that people developing dry eye is increasing year upon year. It is this increase in volume, together with the frustration and mental health issues which clients present with; has prompted us to deliver a more premium and long-lasting treatment for dry eye syndrome.


Untreated, dry eye can lead to severe complications such as infections, loss of integrity of the cornea and scarring; all leading to painful eyes and a loss of vision.


It is time to introduce a long-lasting solution for dry eyes; both easing the symptoms and treating the underlying cause. By using the conventional methods, such as drops and eye masks, you are merely soothing the symptoms of dry eyes, but with the Eye-Light, it is actually treating Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and Blepharitis (the underlying cause of most dry eye cases).


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Dry Eye Therapy

Eye-Light (Fast and gentle light therapy)


The Eye-Light is a revolutionary and effective treatment for Dry Eye, Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and Blepharitis. The system combines IPL (Intense pulse light) and LLLT (Low Level Light Therapy) for an optimal and non-invasive treatment. It relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes, whilst also treating the underlying causes! Great news…it is backed by many clinical studies, clinical researching and some of the best UK Ophthalmologists!


Intense Pulse Light - IPL

IPL treatment is a polychromatic light applied in thermal pulses below the lower lashes and cheekbone areas. IPL stimulates contraction of the meibomian glands, and selectively encourages regression of the abnormal blood vessels in the eyelids that contribute to the inflammatory cycle of MGD. Clinical research has shown that IPL is much more effective in treating dry eye, MGD and blepharitis rather than the conventional eye drops.

Low Level Light Therapy – LLLT


LLLT is a unique photo-biomodulation technology that works within your eyelid cells; the LED derived light stimulates your cells to increase ATP production. This results in endogenous heating that helps unblock the meibomian glands, reduces the inflammation, therefore allowing the glands to work more effectively and secrete good quality oils to lubricate the eye surface. This in turns helps the cornea remain smooth and healthy as possible, which then gives better and more stable vision as well as silky and comfortable eyes. The photo-biomodulation provided by LLLT is completely painless and extremely effective in managing a vast number of ocular surface conditions such as dry eye, MGD and associated conditions such as chalazion and styes.

IPL is Delivered with LLLT as a Combined Treatment for Dry Eye and MGD

The Benefits of Eye-Light System


  • Increases stability of the tear film, leading to longer lubricated eyes
  • Minimises mites and bacteria living on the lid margins and eyelashes
  • Enhances meibomian gland function, leading to production of better quality meibum (oily part of the tears)
  • Prevention of growth of abnormal blood vessels
  • Bonus: improves aesthetics of surrounding skin area (reversing the signs of ageing; minimising age spots, sun spots and acne scars; and reducing redness and rosacea)


Note: Improving the aesthetics of the skin and gaining a cosmetic benefit should not be the reason for you to have the Eye-Light treatment; but it is nice to know that is working on the skin as well the dry eye and MGD!

What Others Say Around the UK

"The IPL treatment has been transformational. To go from permanently dry and gritty eyes, using eyedrops several times a day – to daily comfort has been amazing! Who knew comfortable eyes could be a thing!"

"I could not look at a computer screen or drive for any length of time without feeling severe discomfort. The IPL treatment has made such a difference. I can now do both over long periods without suffering any pain or irritation."

What Is Involved

Antares machine

You will need to book a Specialist Dry Eye Assessment. 


This is needed to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for Eye-Light. This lasts up to 45 minutes and costs £99 for new clients (no charge if you are on our direct debit plan). A diagnostic assessment using the Antares technology will be used to compile a detailed analysis of the eyelids, the tear-film and the cornea. A questionnaire will need to be filled out together with collating information on medical history, symptoms and lifestyle. Should the assessment reveal you are not suited to the Eye-Light, all is not lost. We will still curate a customised dry eye treatment plan or refer you on for appropriate treatment.


The treatment requires a minimum of 3 to 4 Eye-Light sessions to gain the most benefit and long- lasting effects. Thereafter, a top-up session is recommended every 6-12 months.


The Eye-Light Dry Eye Treatment includes:


  • 4 Eye-Light sessions
  • Meibomian Gland Expression
  • Meibomian Gland Imaging (Meibography)
  • Zest Deep eyelid cleansing


Cost: £925

The top up sessions cost £160.

Depending on the severity of Dry Eye, additional treatment maybe advised in conjunction with the Eye-Light (costs for these vary).


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What is the Eye-Light treatment?


The Eye-Light is a combination of Intense Pulsed Light and Low-Level Therapy developed for the delicate eye area. It effectively treats the most common underlying causes of Dry Eye.


Is Eye-Light Treatment safe?


Yes. It has been rigorously tested in numerous studies and is used by many Dry Eye specialists and Ophthalmologists around the world and in the UK.


What can I expect in the treatment?


You will receive small pulses of light around the eye area, during which you will feel some warmth or heat. The majority of people only report a slight sensation. Some clients will need eyelid debridement to remove any bio-film buildup and lipid deposition in and around the lids. This will enhance the benefits of the Eye-Light.

How long is each Eye-Light session?


Each session typically will last 45 minutes.

How often do I need treatment?


The protocol is 4 treatments, each to be carried out every 2 to 3 weeks. Thereafter a top-up maintenance treatment is recommended every 6 to 12 months.


When will I notice an improvement?


The majority of patients notice some improvement after the first treatment. A further improvement is noticed after 2 to 3 treatments. And after the 4th, it tends to be a dramatic improvement. Patients also notice additional benefits such as increased collagen production, reduction of age spots, rosacea and more.


When can I return to normal activities?


Immediately. You may have slight redness to the area; this usually disappears within a few hours. We do advise to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a few days after each treatment.