Myopia Management

The Problem


Myopia (short-sightedness) is becoming more common across the globe. Epidemiological studies show a higher prevalence and earlier onset of myopia in many parts of the world, making it a major public health issue. At the same time the awareness is rising that linked to the level of severity, myopia may not only have an impact on quality of life but can also be associated with a risk of developing serious eye diseases in the future.


In the UK, it is predicted that 50% of UK university students will be myopic by 2050. This is a big worry for parents with young children and/or parents to be. Walbank Opticians are taking initiative and facing the problem head on. We want the children of today and the future to have healthy eyes and great vision. 

If the problem is not tackled, the children of today are more likely to develop sight-threatening eye conditions such as glaucoma, macula degeneration and retinal detachment.


Zeiss Visioncare in conjunction with The Child Life Study have researched and conducted many clinical studies in Asia and Europe. The results show one thing; that myopia is a pandemic and is increasing exponentially amongst children. If nothing is done, eye disease will increase putting the child’s eyesight under threat.


The degree of myopia increases as the length of the eyeball increases. Ordinary corrective lenses will correct the vision, but in doing so they create a defocused imaginary shell in the visual space. As the eye believes that part of the vision (the peripheral vision) is not focussed, the eyeball then grows in length to better align with the imaginary shell. This then increases the myopia prescription. Once again, this is corrected with the ordinary lenses and the cycle continues. Obviously, Myopia is a multi-factorial problem, but the use of ordinary lenses to correct it is not helping and making the problem worse.

The Solution

Misight Contact Lenses


These are daily disposable contact lenses used to control the rate of progression of Myopia. FDA approved, MiSight lenses are successfully reducing the rate of Myopia by 60%. Children are inserting and removing them confidently; leading happy lives and parents are reassured that their child’s vision is not worsening. MiSight was the first daily disposable form of correction for myopia management ever available. We know they work!


Zeiss MyoCare Spectacles


These are specialist lenses combining a clear central zone and peripheral defocus zone. This uses the concept of the child achieving clear vision through the central zone and the peripheral part of the lens being a slightly different prescription (so all parts of the vision are aligned with the ‘Imaginary Shell’ in the visual space). The eye is prompted to believe everything is focussed; which then reduces the chances of the eyeball length increasing; in turn slowing the rate of increase of the myopic prescription. Zeiss MyoCare has been shown to reduce the rate of myopic progression by 60% and in many cases have stopped it completely!


Zeiss Myocare lenses are available for 2 age categories; 2 to 9 and 10 plus. They are available in various thin and light spectacle lens options and are coated with Zeiss Premium Duravision Kids UV Coating.

The Details

A full eye examination is required.


Once assessed for suitability, Misight contact lenses and/or MyoCare lenses will be prescribed out and a direct debit plan will be set up.


The Misight Contact Lens Monthly Direct Debit £60


The cost includes all eye examinations and contact lens appointments (normally every 6 months) and 30 pairs of lenses every month. If you are interested in Misight contact lenses for your child, an initial £94 will be taken for the first full 45-minute examination.

The MyoCare Spectacle Monthly Direct Debit Plan


  • £33 (standard thickness)
  • £35 (1.6 Thin and Light)
  • £42 (1.67 Thin and Light)


The cost includes all eye examinations, including the first one and thereafter normally every 6 months. It also includes at the very least 1 set of MyoCare lenses every year and a 10% discount on the frame.


Are you ready to protect your child’s eyes and vision for the future?


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