If you’re frustrated by mass market frames and are looking for something unique, Walbank Opticians can help you.


We search around the globe for different, unique and high-quality frames. Therefore, we are confident that you will choose glasses that you love to wear. Glasses that make you smile, glasses that express your individuality, and glasses that get you great comments!


Let’s face it, glasses are the first accessory people see when they see you, even before your clothes or shoes. We all take the time to look for that perfect pair of shoes or that perfect outfit, so why not with your glasses? Glasses play a huge part in your appearance and your confidence. Our aim is that you walk out of our store with glasses that complement your fashion style, your skin and hair colours, and your personality.


Any opticians can do an eye exam, prescribe glasses and give you clear vision. Where we differ is how we can style you with your perfect frames, that actually suit you, and YOU will be one of only a handful of people in the UK wearing those frames.


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When you visit Walbank Opticians you will notice two things about our collections of frames...


We don’t stock ‘big name’ designer frames. Why? Designer frames are produced for the mass market and pretty much have the same design, shape and style. They want to sell lots, so they have to play safe with design, so everyone can wear them. At Walbank Opticians we want your glasses to be different. So, we stock brands from smaller, family owned, niche eyewear brands. These brands have a passion for craft, precise engineering, colour and cutting-edge technology. They’re more deserving of the term ‘designer’, relying on the product itself rather than the name of a big brand.


We’re also constantly changing the glasses we offer. Trends and fashion are in constant flux, so we want to bring you the latest designs of frames. Typically, we use brands from the UK, France, Italy and Austria. As we scour the globe for new eyewear designers every year, we have the freedom to bring frames from any country. We will only choose designers that share our vision for providing unique, different, distinctive eyewear, and those that push the boundaries of design and art.

Our glasses are as individual as you are.






Our main lens supplier is Carl Zeiss Vision. Carl Zeiss is the famous industrialist renowned for fine quality optical instruments and lenses. A few examples of what ZEISS can offer you.



Smart Life lenses


On and offline. ZEISS SmartLife Lenses are especially designed to keep up with this fast-paced world. Taking this connected lifestyle, visual behaviour and age-related visual needs into account, ZEISS has developed a complete portfolio to give effortless and comfortable vision in all distances and directions, regardless of age.



Progressive lenses


ZEISS tailor make the lenses to your visual habits, needs and lifestyle. ZEISS Progressive Lens Portfolio offers seven technology levels and 4 performance levels. We will always find you the progressive lens which matches YOUR lifestyle.



Drive safe lenses


ZEISS DriveSafe lenses are still the most renowned, high performance driving lens in our industry. They enhance vision in low light conditions, reduce perceived glare at night and make easier focusing when switching between dashboard and mirrors. Feel safe and confident whilst driving.



Office lenses


Ensure maximum visual comfort for short distances in the office. ZEISS Office lenses ensure more natural body posture while working long hours and frequently using digital devices. These can be tailor made, depending on the distance your tasks are carried out at.

Being independent, we also have access to other lens manufacturers, e.g. Essilor, Seiko, Hoya; as well as smaller spectacle laboratories for complex prescriptions.


Walbank Style collection

This is our great value stylish collection


Single Vision: £95.00 Includes frames and Zeiss anti-glare coated lenses


Bifocals: £125 Includes frames and great quality anti-glare coated lenses


Varifocals: £155 Includes frames and high-quality anti-glare coated lenses



Add £50 for thin and light lenses

Add £50 for polarised or photochromic lenses   



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