Eye Examinations

An eye exam with a difference 


We actually LISTEN to YOU!


Our eye exams are at least 50 minutes long and conducted with a senior, experienced Optometrist. This is longer than the industry average of 15-20 minutes. The longer time means we can conduct a thorough, more advanced eye exam, which allows us to get your care right the first time.


We are constantly investing in new technology to ensure accurate results and diagnosis each and every time. Our eye exam includes:


  • Eye pressure check
  • OCT scan
  • Eye health check
  • Full vision tests
  • Fixation Disparity tests
  • Meibography


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OCT scan


The OCT scanner is a hospital grade scanner used to examine the deeper layers of the eye that a standard eye exam cannot. It can pick up various eye diseases such as glaucoma and macula degeneration up to 4 years earlier than a standard eye exam. The scan is done as part of the comprehensive eye exam. Walbank Opticians were the first optician to bring the OCT scan to the Waterside area in 2007. We are highly experienced in analysing and managing the results from the OCT scan.

Eye Health


We conduct a thorough and detailed eye test. This has enabled us to detect conditions that our clients have not been advised of at previous opticians and, on occasion, conditions that they have no symptoms of. Eye exams should be done regularly and, in doing so, 50% of sight loss in the UK can be prevented. We always give you advice on lifestyle choices to keep you and your eyes healthy.

Fundus Camera


The Zeiss fundus camera takes a photograph of the retina. This allows the Optometrist to examine the retina in more detail, as well as accurately monitor any changes that may occur. Once again, we were the first optician on the Waterside to use the fundus camera and so are highly experienced in analysing the results.

Our fees


Adult Eyecare Plan - £7.56 per month


  • All examinations as often as required
  • Discounts on eyewear and all other products
  • Interest free finance
  • Bespoke styling consultations
  • New contact lens fitting appointments


The benefit of being on an eyecare plan is you are not faced with any constraints and restrictions/rules. You can use any of our services whenever you feel you have a need to. Your eyes and vision will be fully looked after.


Child Eyecare Plan - £3.96 per month


  • All examinations as often as required
  • I-wellness scan
  • Complimentary standard thickness anti-glare coated lenses (worth £105)
  • Discounts on frames and all other products
  • Interest free finance
  • New contact lens fitting appointments


Family Eyecare Plan - £18.46 per month


  • All household; must include at least 1 child under 19
  • Benefits as above


Pay as you go options are available (please enquire in practice).


Contact lens appointments £45 (monthly plans available). A full eye examination maybe required.



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