Eyewear Styling


Learn about the steps of our eyewear styling consultation:


Style Personality Questionnaire


Your style personality is the single most important factor when choosing glasses and is often ignored. In fact, it actually dictates everything in your life! The clothes you wear, the holidays you book, cars you like, and home décor. This is what allows us to choose an understated, elegant frame for one person, yet a dramatic, more creative frame for another.

You must feel confident in your eyewear, therefore it must match and express your style. Once we know your style personality, we move on to colour.


Colour Type


We use the world-renowned Colour Me Beautiful system to help you find your dominant colouring. There are six main types of dominant colours, and to find your colouring is not easy. We are all unique. We look at skin colour, hair colour and eye colour; we evaluate the three together and determine your dominant colouring.

Colour can be very powerful and can instantly change your mood. Wearing the right colour will make you look healthier and younger and enhance your overall image. Finally, we have facial analysis.


Facial Analysis


Your facial features are extremely important when it comes to choosing eyewear. Note, we say facial features and not face shape. Everyone does not fall in to one category of face shape. Therefore, it’s far more useful to analyse individual features. This can be the shape of the eyebrows, length and width of the nose and even spacing between the eyes. This all makes a difference in picking the right shaped frame.


Put it all Together...


So, we have your style personality, your colours, and your facial features. We then select between 4 and 8 frames which match all your criteria. You don’t need to browse through rows and rows of frames. We will do it for you. We know you will find frames you love in the selection we have picked out. Most of our clients pick out more than 1 frame to wear with different outfits or different occasions, or even different moods!




All of the above is carried out in a relaxing, comfortable environment with a cuppa!


We are not your ordinary Opticians and we promise to move you away from mediocre glasses!


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